Floor Sanding

If you would prefer rather than just hire our sanders, we can come and provide a complete turn key solution, you could be pleasantly surprised that it's not really that much more expensive than hire only; give us a call or contact us via our submission page to arrange a quote.

You can then relax and be sure that your floors are in good professional hands. The combination of the equipment and our expertise will provide a finish that is second to none!

Floorboard / Parquet sanding
The German engineered sanders we use are the best on the market and are Dust Free, the combination of the equipment and our expertise will provide a finish that is second to none!

Removal / Replacement of Damaged boards
Before we start work on your floor, we will carry out a full inspection to identify damaged and loose boards, these will be replaced using reclaimed floor boards, of similar age and quality.

Stain & Dying of floors
Our stained and dyed floors are finished to a high standared that will give you an authentic and original feel.
An example is oak staining pine floorboards, this will give a depth and warmth to the finish. If you would like to add some colour to your floor, please contact us for examples that we can offer.

Gap filling
There are two methods of gap filling available:
Method 1 - Filling with resin (for gaps under 4mm)
The conventional way of gap filling floor boards is to use a resin mixed with the dust that comes off the floor with fine sander.
A very simple procedure, simply mix the gap filler resin with fine clean dust and apply it into the gaps with a flat spatula. This would be completed prior to finial sanding
Method 2 - Thin wooden strips
Using siliver of wood, the strips are cut to a tapered shape then glued and hammered into the gaps before being planed and sanded smooth.
The strips are made of reclaimed antique pine floorboards.


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